blue sparkle

Bitch Echo

Unconscious but I feel something new                                                                                

A hurricane I came, some vibrant piercing afterglow                                                        

Splinters ricocheting when the dust settles                                                                      

I come to the surface and breathe, deep in the night                                                                                

With blistered feet I am bashful, observant                                                                              

I see the nuance, colours I don't quite understand                                                                                                                                        

Flowers in hand, I work for the mind's real estate                                                    

Timetravel decay purified, smoke caught in my eyes                                                            

I blink and there's no cog in the blimp                                                                          

Everything I know is a myth, a nuke launched at my psyche                                                                                            

A ripple effect fading into an opaque question                                                              

An endless trail of blood, my father sucking my thumb                                                        

The pluck of the violin string                                                                                          

Sacrifice your lungs and hold your breath                                                                          

Turn up the volume, isolated prisms of sounds burrowing                                                    

Into the faithless culprit dance of rage                                                                                              

A shapeless face with no release, discharge secreted                                                    

When you pull the wings from a butterfly and make it a toy                                                  

Every hex and every crime, just another decoy                                                                  

I chip away at the flush of gold, that fallen angel plummeting                                          

Cheap victory in a renaissance painting                                                                          

Eternal victim of bondage insulated in serendipity                                                        

Parachute into yellow bowing                                                                                            

Wandering in the sequestered ruins of my dreams                                                  

Deadpan silicone valley crying in my stomach, that pit of echoes                                  

Lost boys devoid, loveless and aching in this baptism of rain                                               

Such a beautiful way to be.


  • Goddess of the Mist

    Wow! A masterpiece with echoings of Jim Morrison. Very nicely done!

    • blue sparkle

      Ahh, blushing! Thanks X

    • aDarkerMind

      one worthy of much applause Jordan;

      • blue sparkle

        Thanks, Darker Mind X

        • aDarkerMind

          you\'re more than welcome Jordan.
          good to see you again

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        • yellowrose

          Wow ! Really engaging read ... some very strong lines here .

          I can’t say I fully understand it , but I do like it

          You are creative with your words )

          Could you maybe comment on my last poem ?

          • blue sparkle

            Thanks. I'd probably have to think of something clever and witty to say, LOL.

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