Butterfly Of The Night

Gliding through the air
you visit me as night arrives.
Wings of satin gold
studded with black diamond’s
shimmering in the moonlight.

I stand on a strong bough,
lord of all I survey,
as we chat.

Luna beams her smile
as I dive to catch my breakfast,
returning with it squiggling
in my mouth.

You don’t join me as I dine
but you watch intently,
as you narrate a story
of the breeze
and how he blew away
all of Rose’s pretty petals
as a prank!

Soon fairy ‘Blossom’ alights
on your back,
and together you ride into
the magic night,
while I dine alone!


  • spilleronsheet

    What a lovely story depicted as poetry… a meet between friends…maybe lovers at a distant…thanks for sharing dear poet…it’s lovely to read ….

    • Marie

      Thank you for kindly reading and commenting, dear SOS. It is the story of two friends a Moth and an Owl and I'm so pleased you enjoyed reading. Thank you again, dear poet...

      • spilleronsheet

        It’s always a pleasure to read and gain insight…it teaches me how to be refined and gain further insight

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      • Teddy.15

        This is just beautiful dear Marie, love the whimsical way in which it's written almost magical. Gorgeous imagery. Happy Friday dear friend. 🤗🤗🤗

        • Marie

          Owls and Butterflies are magical to me, dear Teddy and I, thank you for kindly reading and for your lovely, kind and very encouraging comment, dear friend. Wishing you a very lovely rest of the day, dear Teddy. With love ❤️

        • orchidee

          A fine write Marie.

          • Marie

            Thank you for kindly reading and commenting, dear Mr. O!

          • L. B. Mek

            a haunting lullaby, deciphering
            that 180 degree capacity in an owl's perception, where
            regret is a fish hook away from reversal
            and foresight is a promise without limitations...
            thank you, dear poet
            there are a lot of deep - relatable, waters
            in those big Owl eyes of your poetry..
            a sublime write!

            • Marie

              Gratitude dear L. B. for so kindly reading and for your very kind comment also. I wish you a very lovely day to enjoy. Gratitude with beautiful blessings your way, dear poet...

            • yellowrose

              Great writing .., initially I thought it was about a caterpillar and a butterfly but then I see it’s about a moth and an owl .

              Good writing , anyhow 🙂

              • Marie

                Thank you for kindly reading and for your very kind comment, dear poetess... 🙂

              • Fay Slimm.

                Full of your special imagination where nature becomes personified so cleverly and leaves readers like me with the hope of listening in next time I hear Mr Owl hooting to his friendly night butterfly - a charming tale.

                • Marie

                  Thank you for kindly reading and for your most kind and beautiful poetic comment, dear Fay. Bless you always, dear friend...

                • The BlackShakespeare

                  Beautifully written....

                • Marie

                  Thank you for kindly reading and commenting, dear poet...

                • Floreann

                  Marie a lovely and beautifully written poem..

                  • Marie

                    Thank you for reading and kindly commenting, Floreann...

                  • Munro

                    Beautiful poem

                    • Marie

                      Dear Munro, thank you for kindly reading my poem and also for your very encouraging comment...

                      • Munro

                        Marie , it’s a poetic pleasure

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