L. B. Mek

Seep deep, Drip of Sleep or A, slip?


Entering, door ominously creaking

leaping, broken floorboards

seeking, a way to that staircase 

of salvation 


‘Anyone there?’

Shouted with gusto, defiance projected

while inside

trepidation, squeezes on anxiety’s grip 


Up, up

stair by squeaking stair, grappling 

with a shattered staircase, swaying

lurking, a presence of raw menace 


Reached top landing, breathless 

from climbing, just Thirteen stairs

with knees and hands on floor

words, exclaimed bold: ‘Anyone here? Hello?’


These words are noticeably less forceful

a thread of hopeful lament, can be heard

within the nuances of a sharp short

stifled, breath.


Three rooms, ahead

all doors wide open, each draped

in that lingering shadow of ill-intent

moonlit shards, adding their tint of dread


‘Look, we’re here to help

There’s more people outside

Emergency services, will be here soon

Can you please call-out?!’


Drip, drip

tapping sounds, awaken

moonlit shards - enlarge

a path ahead, beckons 


Third doorway, is shrouded in dim light

a crimson carpet is revealed

stretching out, to beneath her feet.

Alarmed, surely that wasn’t there before - right?


Tepid, fingers prodding what’s beneath carpet

nothing, at a single touch the whole thing

folds-in at the middle, cascades below in one flow

a huge gaping hole, revealed


laughter engulfs, all around.

‘Wtf’, whispered at a high pitch 

quick turn, back to descend the staircase

that’s now, nowhere to be seen


Tittering on a plank of wood

where every side, is a steep edge 

she, finally realises

‘I hate, these realistic dreams!’


and takes a step

to jilt herself awake…

Drip, drip

the Scene is rearranged: Next?



© L. B. Mek

October 2021


  • Robert Haigh

    A great surreal poetry piece, L.B. The drama and tension are palpable. The shifting realities and fantasies remind me of some of my more bizarre (and disturbing) dreams. I was there! Well penned, my friend!

    • L. B. Mek

      lol, just a little 'vanilla' thriller
      to get us in the mood for Halloween's
      horror season,
      I'm old school, so I prefer the tension
      of Hitchcock's 'Birds'
      than the gory story twists of 'SAW', lol
      if you think it fun, maybe script the next scene?
      (glad you enjoyed the read, dear poet
      thanks for the encouraging comment)

      • Robert Haigh

        Hitchcock was a genius and a true master of tension. I love his films.

      • Teddy.15

        That's fantastic, I felt I was almost inside this poem. So very clever my dear friend.

        • L. B. Mek

          why thank you, dear Poetess
          your welcome for the ensuing nightmares, mwahahaha...
          ahem, got lost in the roleplay a bit - me thinks... lol
          this was just just a wannabe precursor
          for the upcoming Halloween season, a little fun
          would like to see your version of the next scene
          if you find it interesting?

        • spilleronsheet

          Indeed the story well scripted
          The words so well adorned
          I , reader
          Felt like a character
          Caught up in story of yours
          So realistic
          Yet fantasies lace
          Wonder where the boundary rests

          • L. B. Mek

            nice, and if you're that curious
            why not have a go
            at scripting the next scene
            or run with it and finish a little short story?
            and we can both help celebrate
            the great, Edgar Allan Poe..
            thanks for the wonderful reply,
            glad you had fun reading this

            • spilleronsheet

              Well I can try… but I don’t know if I can be a storyteller like you…at the moment I can be your disciple and learn how to be a storyteller….

            • Fay Slimm.

              Your mastery of word-power brings me to the chair' s edge with this peek into a realistic dream - - great penning my friend.

              • L. B. Mek

                thank you dear Fay,
                if you think it fun
                maybe have a go at scripting the next scene?
                help get us all in the Halloween mood, lol

              • Neville

                live the dream they said ... he did and just look where that got him ... write on brother ........................................ N

                • L. B. Mek

                  you up for inking out the next scene?
                  a little Halloween fun,
                  been suggesting it to everyone, just think
                  it might be fun to see all our different takes
                  let our creativity get into that horror season, maybe..
                  (thanks for the wonderfully witty comment, brother
                  genuinely had me lol)

                • Paul Bell

                  Just the journey of the creaking floorboards that for some reason in the dead of night sound like church bells going off. Then for some crazy reason, you go on into the unknown.
                  This is when you're at the mercy of the dream master. Will it be a gory death, or is it a wake-up screaming occasion. I foresee more like this in the run-up to Halloween.

                  • L. B. Mek

                    oh no, no more
                    my nightmares provide enough horror, for me
                    all year round! lol
                    really appreciate your account of the reading experience
                    which I find wonderfully delightful,
                    if I was to read my own words a million times
                    I doubt I would ever connect
                    the creaking boards to a church, but then
                    I read your take, and can so easily identify with your meaning
                    like that eerie sense, seating alone
                    in a huge silent/stilled church..
                    thank you, so glad you enjoyed the read

                  • aDarkerMind

                    very enjoyable L.B.
                    and share your view...'Birds' beats 'gory' every time.

                    • L. B. Mek

                      right? Robert said it as well
                      good: at least there's a few of us left, lol
                      really appreciate your kind comments
                      and gestures of support my friend
                      its always, such a humbling gift to receive
                      thank you!

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