From land

Bill Smith Parker Sr.

It’s draining out
There it goes it to the stream
River receive me
I need you
Ocean have all
I rest and disperse

no one noticeS your TEARS,
no one noticeS your SADNESS,
no one notices your PAIN,
but they all notices your "mistakes"

From land we grow a heart
From land we stare at gleaming moon just above the sea
From land we set the flag that will be the beacon for our brothers to return
From land our families grow then disembark on their way
From land we wait as our lovers may someday drift to shore and never be kidnapped by fate not one more time not ever ever again.

  • Authors: The man who talks (Pseudonym), Xxstar_lightxX
  • Visible: All lines
  • Finished: November 3rd, 2021 05:00
  • Limit: 11 stanzas
  • Invited: Friends (users on his/her list of friends can participate)
  • Category: Forgiveness
  • Views: 33

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