One word, and what it means to you.

Accidental Poet

The emotion you feel inside
To deeply care for another
A person, animal or place
The environment and planet
The wellbeing of all species
For peace and love in the universe

Knowing that who we are
Or what we've done
Or who we've loved
Or what we've left undone
Or whatever we have left to do
That in all time and space
It happened, however small

With this word I can be anything I focus
Never before or again with actions like mine make poetry blend

Singing - oohh, it means wonders to me
Great, marvellous, super...
I can't think of a better singer than me!
But torture to everyone else! Doh!

It has now become, a wonderful reminder
of a cherished Poet, I have the good fortune
to consider a friend. lol

A gift of love
Given to another


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