I Hope You Don't Lose It

On my cheeks,

Something sweet just landed,

That invisible kiss,

From you which was miles awaited,

My romantic moon today blushed,

When you promised to kiss my scars,

From your house on the sun,

You send me those beautiful stars,

Those fireflies giggled when they saw me,

Like they were from you,

And you made my mind free,

All were here except you...

But I hoped,

When the grass called from downside,

Plucked by themselves,

They were happily blown to your sight,

I wish you can feel my happiness,

It all exists in you,

Sweet,sour, bitter or any desire,

The way you can't have a clue,

Keep those plucked grasses,

Locked in your locket,

That's the love plucked from my heart,

I hope you don't lose it...


  • L. B. Mek

    wonderful, although the wording and levels of description were quite generic, you still imbued a heightened sense of intimacy in the overall feel of your poetry..
    a very attractive writing style you're developing, although
    I'll admit the love you're depicting, seems to be hovering on that tightrope of the overtly devoted, and somewhat unhealthy..
    I too hope, the one you chose knows to cherish the treasures in their lives, for their own sake;
    because such selfless devotion, isn't easy to find
    and almost impossible to glue back together, after the trust has been shattered
    (thanks for sharing, a great read)
    and please don't think I'm trying to be negative or judge, your love
    sharing my two cents
    looking-on, from my place on the other side of a similar coin

    • Ishika

      Thank you so much for the compliments towards my poem. And also thank you for sharing your thoughts about my writing. It helps a lot when people actually understand the words and feelings.

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