With Words like the Sun

Reading words that can change your day 

a beautiful poem or a comfortable essay 

you can look and it makes you stay

with words like the sun 


when your eyes are miserable , visibly frayed 

open an old dusty poem book , you tucked away 

then you look and it makes your day 

with words like the sun 


when your tortured ears are aching with doubt words 

go to your library by your imagined aviary of exotic birds 

there your anxious eyes lift and gaze 

with words like the sun 


when your aged body aches with life’s burnt out dreams 

and nothing anymore is optimistically what it seems 

feast your scattered views on a homely book , warm pages between 

with words like the sun 



  • Robert Haigh

    Good advice, poetically offered. I have many poetry books at home. I often read poetry before going to bed - or sometimes read in bed before turning out the light. I enjoyed reading your poem just now.

    • Munro

      Thanks Robert , for your nice comment , have a great weekend

    • Maxine Smith

      An enjoyable read, beautiful with a stunning picture which compliments your words perfectly.

      • Munro

        Thanks Maxine , for your nice comment , have a great weekend

      • Goldfinch60

        So very true, getting lost in a book can take you to some wondrous places, I am reading one at the moment.


      • Munro

        Thanks Andy enjoy your weekend read , may it be warm

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