Gary Edward Geraci

Gloves and Roses

His penance, his mercy:

work, the layman’s pathway;

to improve one’s condition;

to give of oneself,

giving it all; and to get

to Heaven, getting others

to Heaven too.


Though not everyone’s a friend:

seems at times more foes

are setting snares and traps;

some of the same people

one would share the Good News

are conniving, jealous, envious;

one’s success, their disfavor;


one’s holiness, their hostility.

Seek out disciples anyway,

for good Grace is in numbers.

Sanctify the workplace,

your discipline, their example.

Let prickly thorns take you to Heaven.

The blood of sacrifice


and the aroma of mercy

become the leather work gloves

that wipe the sweat, allowing

perseverance, and the

collection of a sweet

offering to our Lady:

a favored fresh rose bouquet!


Gary Edward Geraci


  • orchidee

    But I wanted to sit by the fire in heaven for ever, with me pipe (if smoking was not bad for me!), and carpet slippers, reading me newspapers or books! lol.

  • Robert Haigh

    A poem with a message to ponder. A good work ethic is bound to be a good thing.

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