the worst feeling


the worst feeling
in the world,
is when something
or someone
is broken
and you can do
absolutely nothing
about it

You cannot repair the unbroken
Nor respond to words unspoken

Don't dwell on the forgotten,
A life left, discarded,
abandoned among sweet and sour memories.
No longer lovers,
not quite enemies.

Can’t be friends
Can’t even be strangers to other
It’s such an amusement
When passing by
Can’t say hi
Can’t even ignore the glaring sight
The worst feeling
In the world,
When past never leaves
And future is unwilling to change
Stuck in some pleasant vibes

We knew each other for long,
Just a thing went wrong;
No reasons justified,
Anger and frustration just amplified;
We no longer were each other's secret keeper,
I thought our bond will dwell more roots deeper;
But it all vanished like a speck of dust,
The emotion I felt was the worst;
I experience the worst feeling ever,
My special one was now returning to my life never;
Felt lonely even when in the crowd,
But I went through it, I guess I am proud;

The day my Mom passed made me so sad
The worst feeling I most ever had.

She was the sunshine of my life
Caring and loving me since I opened my eyes
Carrying myself to the beach beside
Teaching me constellations in the sky
The letters I wrote come from her
The first step I took holding her
Hearing to my stories all time
And listening to all my whims beside
She meant the world to me

there are a lot
of bad feelings
but there is nothing
like the worst feeling
in the world.

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