Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)


Bubbles , a lightness resting in a clear circle 

the colours collectively stir safely within 

hiding , and invisible 

dancing without a need to worry about being seen 


bubbles , feathers floating in the sky 

a wish has been made with the help of a dandelion clock 

a child has helped a bubble move gladly into the breeze

and away from the bottle in which they once rested 

where they simply rested as water , waiting for an escape 


a transformation like a caterpillar waiting for her time to gain more freedom 

and move into the shape she was maybe made to be 


bubbles , a lightness resting in a circle 

the colours are invisible, sighing and unseen 

grateful and safely contained 

in a place of soft gentle lightness 

and yet within that subtle sense of lightness there is another sigh 

one of irritation 

and a feeling of somehow being still that little bit trapped 

and wanting to truly be that butterfly 


the change of turning into a bubble still felt slightly disappointing 

because even with the lightness she still experienced a sense of feeling internally trapped 

lightness alongside a feeling of feeling stuck and wanting to move away 

wanting more 

irritated still with her internal world 

upset with a situation , a feeling 


bubbles , a lightness living within a circle 

a child has made a wish 

set water free from a bottle 

granted a wish with a dandelion clock , into the world 

A lightness within 

a light bubble stands and colours stir somehow safely within 

and yet there is a wish to be more than a bubble 

there is the wish for the freedom of a butterfly 


she doesn’t want the sense of internal trapped feelings alongside the lightness stirring somehow within 

she just wants to feel free and living like a light butterfly 


  • Author: Yellow rose (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 30th, 2021 12:07
  • Comment from author about the poem: How I was feeling at the time of writing this … a sense of lightness but also a sense of feeling a little trapped . It was simply going to be about bubbles but it’s also about my feelings I guess
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  • dusk arising

    Is it time to move away and start afresh?
    Really like that new picture youre using.

  • spilleronsheet

    So many emotions so well written
    Well penned dear poet
    Life is like that we feel light when we can speak our mind but at times we feel trapped within the chaos of uncertainties that lay
    So well captured the feelings in simile of a bubble
    Now your bubble resonates me too
    I wish I could be like a butterfly
    Rather a bubble trapped with different hues inside

  • Goldfinch60

    Fine words yellowrose. I am sure that before long you will escape from your bubbles and fly like a butterfly into a wonderfully happy life.


  • Rainbow

    Lovely poem like the use of words .

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