That is who I am

The one who always fall prey.

I was born by a riverside and was never taught how to swim

I had my first education from the one-eyed woman whom was the reason behind my misfortune


I got married to the WRONG man  who never stopped calling me a whore

I slept with bruises all over my body every night


I was married off to my first husband as a child I knew not what was right or wrong

I had my first love while I was in my husband's house

He would come to our house as A Family Friend but he was a Secret Admirer

I was pushed out of my matrimonial home I wandered around the village stripped off my spike robe


I was nuturing the children of my husband And was called a witch by them

They tossed the bucket I kept in front of my house

"Witch, blood sucker!" They spat


I was the most beautiful woman

I was the daughter of the sea And that of the moon Nobody wanted me

I was an outcast in my home


When my philandering husband got old

I was left to cater for him

His concubines left him

I inhaled and cleaned his shit 


I was left to cater for my children alone I had no support

I cursed and cursed my abuser

I said I left them to be judged by God

I stayed with my abuser

Cursed and cursed

Not until I took my last breath I heard my children calling me as I drifted away.


I am the unlucky one

The one who always fall prey.

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