Alex Arnot

How It Feels To Lose Your Skin

I was sentenced to death for falsified sin.

By wicked king's will they flay my skin.

Bound by quivering limbs speckled in beads of sweat.

In unyielding horror, await agonizing death.

For hours I hang in silent woe.

By what manner of depravity does he stoop so low?




The decaying of time exacerbates my torment.



Insurmountable fear makes me want to vomit.


The door bursts open as my tormentors come

With malicious glee for the deed to be done.

Insanity brought on by the scraping of knives,

Sharpening and weaving them before my eyes.

Fear turns to dread inside my gut

And before too long they begin to cut.

Stripping away the skin from flesh,

Through taunts I smell their putrid breath.

Exposed tissue spewing crimson streams,

I've nearly gone deaf from my own screams.

Epidermis in slabs is peeled away,

Feels like I'm burning in an open flame.

Even my tears sting as I whimper and cry.

Don't know how long it took to die.



Lying in darkness tranquil and calm.


Savoring the moment as my pain is gone.


Disappointed by how I was undone.


Every part of my body calls for blood.


I awaken adrift on the astral plane.

Nine cosmic entities hold me in their gaze.

A reflection of space composes their being

In their stare belies a red star's gleam.

In still anticipation they seem to wait

In hurt and rancor I begin to beg.

"I will forsake paradise and Heaven's send

If only you should grant me my revenge!"

With one final nod, they send me back.

The tyrants soon shall feel my wrath.


The two who flayed me shall be first.

Through death I'll quench their sadistic thirst.

Still laughing at their masterpiece,

My skinless corpse begins to breathe.

The celestials gave me inhuman strength

With a furious scream, I break my chains.

In disbelief, their stares protest

As I wrap my hands around their necks.

A fiery portal neath their feet

Opens as I start to squeeze.

With their final breaths they've surely learned

Fear as I send their souls to burn.


And now the king shall meet his doom.

His vile flesh by flies consumed.

Sitting on his undeserved throne

His life shall soon be mine to own.

Pounding, scratching on the wall

Into the room I slowly crawl.

By the time he sees me, it's far too late.

My bloodied hand has sealed his fate.

Plunged into his chest, he gasps.

I have his heart within my grasp.

No doubt cold from lack of use

With one swift pull, I tear it loose.

A look of shock as he hits the ground.

Now to me, his ghost is bound.

The celestials granted me a final pleasure

A nexus where I'll torture his soul forever.


How does it feel to lose your skin?

No worse than the anguish I'll bring to him!


  • L. B. Mek

    as morbid a read as I've come across, but still
    what can't be argued is the wordsmith skill you showcase,
    a brilliant slice of gory fantasy!
    could easily be inserted as a chapter in about 50% of the fantasy I've read
    thanks for sharing, superb poetic prose
    a Great read

    • Alex Arnot

      Thank you so much! I always put a lot of effort into my Halloween poems and comments like these and people like you make it worth it!

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