Gey Dumbass Over Here


My dearest dumbass:

How I wish this night

Could last forever.

I’d stretch time for you,

I’d bend, even break,

The walls of existence

For you, especially for you.

I watch the rise and fall

Of your chest in the dim,

Dim moonlight.

I retrace the features

Of your face over

And over again,

Both with my eyes

And with my hand.

I listen to your

Incessant snoring,

Like a chainsaw

Whirring at three

In the bloody morning.

Why can’t this night

At least last a little longer?


  • L. B. Mek

    however sarcastic or ironic
    I love the intimacy of that first line
    it takes a lot of closeness
    to say to that someone,
    even if the closeness has been warped into something negative
    that first line
    is testament, that this presence you're addressing
    was once a cherished part of your life..
    (or maybe I'm just way-off the mark, as usual
    thanks for sharing

    • Gey Dumbass Over Here

      I just loved calling him my dumbass lol-- so I suppose it was ironic in a sense. And no, I think you are on the mark. He was at one time a cherished part of my life, but... well, he died a long time ago. And I miss him so much...

      Anyway, thank you for reading, and for your lovely comment.

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