the girl


I miss her.

The girl who loved living.

The girl who twirled

because she could,

and who danced for the

people who couldn’t.

The girl that turned heads

because people saw the sparkle of life

in her eyes,

and the sunflowers

in her soul.

I miss the girl that people loved,

and that loved people.

I miss the girl

that played music as loud as she could,

and laughed for no good reason.

I miss the girl

who would cry with others,

and make people better.

I miss the girl that looked at things

through a rose-colored lense,

and smiled.

Who looked forward to

the rest of her days.

I miss the girl

that loved herself,

and her body.

Who felt no guilt.

I miss the girl that lived,

and enjoyed it.

I call back to her,

But she was swallowed by herself.

Floated away like a dandelion

Blown apart by others.

I call back to her,

but she is not to be found.

  • Author: anonymousaxolotl (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 3rd, 2021 11:14
  • Comment from author about the poem: i miss the girl i was, but when her heart broke, so did she
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  • Meg

    I've written a very similar poem to this one in the past that I was actually planning on uploading. It is both comforting and sad that there is someone else that feels the way I do.
    I hope you find time to meet the girl you are now and learn to love her. Please remember that, while you might not love her just yet, other people do.
    Beautiful writing, by the way.

    • anonymousaxolotl

      Thank you, Meg. Sincerely. I would love to hear your writing.

    • spilleronsheet

      We maybe the same body
      But not the same person anymore
      Once a carefree
      Now duties overloaded
      I really like those lines “I miss the girl…”
      It’s really sad my friend
      But dear friend you were that caterpillar who metamorphosed into a butterfly today
      You can’t return to who you were
      But I hope you can cherish who you are now
      I have went through the same process
      I guess I am still in the process
      But I hope we will surely heal together
      Best of luck friend
      Do your best

      • anonymousaxolotl

        thank you, but what if
        what if id rather
        be who I was
        because she was better
        better than me
        not insecure.

        but I hope you do heal. keep me updated

        • spilleronsheet

          You are already what you were
          Look inside
          The soul evolves but we remain same
          Best of luck
          Shall keep you updated by my poetry

        • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

          So well expressed … good poem . Sad tho (

          Grief is difficult to deal with … things that we have lost , or things that we never Even had but wished for . A sad writing

          • anonymousaxolotl

            indeed sad, its so hard to miss what you never had. hard to grieve when you cant feel anything.

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