This spirit


The emptiness of this lost soul drifts slowly through the halls of the tall house looking meekly at the shattering floors and the peeling paint of these walls. 

This soul drifts through these walls that carry fractured arguments and false masks of innocence.

This soul finds no rest when the beast puts his deceiving lies on display for all to see and for all to believe, anything to keep them away from opening the door to a house with no foundation of a family.

A family that was always on separate paths, never falling towards peace.

A family that shows support in silence and shows love in ignorance.

A family that gave this soul no room to grow tall and bright but instead broken and twisted in each way. 

A family that gave this soul different masks with different wardrobes and told to fit into each mask with perfection.

This soul knows no freedom but only the suffocation of the tight mask that folds itself into the skin of this soul.

This soul shows no identity with confrontation.

This soul knows only what's in the mirror when a smile feels like walking on broken glass.

This soul knows no family but only the faceless people wandering around him.

This soul bleeds numbness upon his emotions, covering them in a blanket of silence. Roaming the earth with numbness and emptiness that will never be filled.

He's a lost cause.

His struggles will go unknown to those who surround him.

He's here to suffer in silence.

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