Disrespectfully nice

Simple relationship

It was a simple relationship that ended before it began 


Years of a strong friendship quickly turned as soft as sand 


We loved each other but I wasn't in love


I have never had that feeling in my heart for anyone 


The intrusion of her feelings caused amusement without meaning 


I'm not mean but I'm seeing how dark my heart is


I can't help that all my life my emotions have been atrocious


Can you blame me though for the way that I am


Raised only by my mother and having 3 brothers and my father wasn't around


I had no choice but to be tough and not show any weakness 


You seen tears in my eyes bullshit don't believe it


I haven't cried in years and probably won't for many more


That is weakness I can't deal with no matter how sore 


The emotions and feelings have run to the dark side


Keeping my black heart up front and pushing the goodness to hide


We loved each other but I wasn't in love a lot of things to blame but there was only one reason


We cheated on each other's hearts so I guess that makes us even 

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