Chanel T.


Love…..every relationship or friendship starts off with love. Flowers….kisses….happiness….road trips….exploring new things together are always fun and spontaneous at the begging. You are trying to build something with this person in your life. Once you feel you have them in you get “comfortable” ok I’ve seen all this persons flaws….what makes them happy…what makes them sad…what turns them on. 
  My mission and task are accomplished. Now I want more. That thought stays in your head….it marinates. It possesses you. In ways you don’t even notice. Suddenly your life starts throwing stuff at you. The happiness you had at the begging is starting to fade. The love is taking an unexpected u-turn for the worst. 

  While the other person is just fine….but also feels something is going on inside of you. So they fight….they fight for all the good times and the bad times. They fight for love harder than they ever have before. They feel fear and emptiness inside because they feel the darkness trying to take over your relationship. You cry inside….you break inside. 

   But is the other person really happy. No….but they still adore you…it’s not you that’s the problem. It’s life its self. But you tell them you want to fight the good and the bad days with them….because that’s what loves about. Imagining a world without that person shreds the insides of you… you continue to fight until you simply can’t fight anymore. Why? 



  • L. B. Mek

    really well expressed and excavated;
    a wonderful read, thanks for sharing

    • Chanel T.

      Thank you so much I’m happy you enjoyed the read.

    • Lorna

      So much truth in this read........ especially in the end since that's really all there is.

      • Chanel T.

        Thank you so much.

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