A Town Full Of Ignorant People


In the early 20th Century, a town full of people hated a man who made them panic.
They hated and feared him because he was a Schizophrenic.
Everybody in town avoided him.
They believed he would kill them.
When people saw him out in public, each and every one thought he would take his or her life.
Because of a town full of ignorant people, that Schizophrenic man couldn't have friends or a wife.
They would buy guns for protection because everybody expected him to kill.
They didn't realize that most of the people are harmless who are mentally ill.
He was a harmless man but it was something the people didn't realize.
One day a man fired his gun and put a bullet right between his eyes.
The murderer was arrested but he only received a slap on the wrist.
The Schizophrenic's parents were outraged because of that injustice.
His parents started telling everybody that their son was a good man but they didn't care, none of them were moved.
Everybody thought the Schizophrenic was a monster but they were the monsters and it was something they proved.

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  • Published: November 8th, 2021 09:33
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