What's Wrong With Me?

Doll in Wonderland

One might say unrequited love is my favorite kind

I'm at my best when you are at your worst, disinterested and distracted 

I'm going to want you so, so badly the more you ignore me

Folding up little notes that you will throw away and probably not even read

Counting letters due to lack of words in your text messages

And measuring my worth in the minutes if not hours in between

I'm going to fast and pray, toss pennies in every well, maybe wish on every star

That you're going to change your mind and realize just how much you need me around

Cut up tiny stardust sized pieces of my heart in hopes you'll let me feed them to you

Missing when you'd pull me to you, sitting in your lap, to kiss and pet me, and tell me I'm so pretty

Wondering when your smile fell and your eyes glazed over, or just looked away

Finding little gifts for you everywhere I go, and hearing pieces of my heartsick love for you in every song

What is it about you even, that undoes the very center of my being? No one else sees you the way that I do, for good reason.

I really wouldn't know what to do with a good man if I found one. 



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