(ep.2) Become of: Apprentice


I sat on the floor and waited for my orders, many of my peers would've done the same.

As I waited I counted the times my hand was plunged into one- to collect the souls of the dying.

I was awoken from my wonder, and there he- no, it was.


His cloak was of pitch black, His eyes were as cold and distant as my job, and his words were inconceivable, but for only I can hear his words.

He looked at me with remorse, "My dear Apprentice; tis time for the bell to ring for the"

He rose his sythe and by then it was too late to say no,

and with the tracer of shadow that shrouds me,

a cloak is formed for me-

I wore it with pride, and then the world took form.


When I stepped on this new location- I felt a wave of death,

rounded in this small town, and the people became what my job calls for, and not a sound I focus in.


When my eyes shut I see my targets, and this one- this one was alone.

He was on a throne, and his shadow looms over him like a stone.

It looks like the throne was made long ago, and know I must do the deed.


I walked down into the building and found the man,

he was alone and his face was pricked with scorns of his past,

but he was not of no soul- he was not of a dimed soul,

he was alone with only his shadow.

He rose his sword and looked at me,

I followed his head and stared back, and in his eyes, it was not what I thought.

His eyes were not his, and I felt pain.


The man used his sword and cut my arm,

I ran away, but for some reason, I could not move.


I then broke from this trance, and ran outside of the room-

waited I did, for a plan to come, but there was no plan.


Suddenly, my own arm has a mind of its own,

and I ran further away-

till I am ready, I will fade.


I will go by Fade and like the meaning,

I am not of staying hospitality. 

  • Author: Elias (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 10th, 2021 11:20
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