Little Bird

Little bird bobs its fan tail to
the music of the universe.
Leaves as
autumn spirals;
delicate scraps 
of colourful paper
falling to the water.
I want to write on them
the meaning of it all
in a single symbol
& watch them float downstream.
A smell of salt from freshwater
frolicking round rough rocks
& down slight slopes;
still & ever moving.
Profound fatigue
doesn’t matter;
cushioned by earth,
no need to shift.
The little bird
on its pinch of a perch
in the midst of rushing water;
so still,
when normally so jittery;
calmed by the movement of water.
Bathing beauty in cold current;
those precarious spindle legs
could be dashed away at any moment;
what joy
to bathe
in fear
& exhilaration
at the waterfall’s crash

  • Author: rebmasters (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 11th, 2021 03:45
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