Fallen angel

I wish I could just fly!

Imagine, my wings propelling me towards the sky, and as I float above the clouds, the only thing present is the sun, the clouds, and I…

As I swirl and twirl in the atmosphere, endlessly drifting towards the line where the sun meets heaven, my wings open to their fullest, reveling in all their glory as I hover there for a moment. Staring straight at that orb of fire and beauty.


Just hovering, only for a moment…until I’m not. Suddenly, my wings droop as I fall towards the ground, nothing stopping me from the inevitability of this numbing pain;

and so, I continue to fall, away from where the sun meets heaven, away from the clouds that I wish could embrace me and drift me all the way back up again…


But alas, the angel had fallen... 




  • dusk arising

    I guess we've all been angelic at one stage of our lives and taken that dive.... welcome to the club of experts at that dive (well practiced at it).

    And welcome to mps too.

    • nakedheartcxliii

      Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

    • orchidee

      A fine write NH. Why 143 in your name? I worked it out! heehee.

      • orchidee

        I only worked out the Roman numerals. I don't know why it's 143 in the name.

        • fallenAngel1🕊

          Oh Roman numerals eh,lol😊 I have a riddle for you. How can 1/2 of 5 possibly be equal to 4?😜

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        • jk

          so beautiful! wonderful job. thank you for sharing 🙂

          • nakedheartcxliii

            Thank you for the comment, it truly means a lot!

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