Miss Pain


She really wanted a fresh start

A country girl with a heavy golden heart

Everything she did was expressed like art

Beautiful and ever so sharp

Teachers said she was smart 


Young independent and free

She left one day for New York city

But the tall sky scraping buildings

Stole her personal pictures and poetry

Her skin began dripping 

Without notice -She started limping

Her left eye wouldn’t stop twitching 


The city stole from her 

So She drowned the pain in cheap clear liquor

Waking up To inebriated to remember 

Where she was ..her Life was a blur


She had her hands cuffed behind 

At night the Demons dined

Her audience said she had lost her rhyme

Why was everyone Treating her so unkind?

All the time, She could feel the rats gnawing at her mind 


Her face is a mask to hide the pain

She cries out but she’s got nothing to gain

So everyday She tightens her chain 

But still has trouble trying to explain

How she welcomes the freezing cold rain


Her pretty eyes have become scabbed 

all because she’d been backstabbed 

Her body had been ravaged

Her hair just pulled and dragged

Her heart now permanently bandaged

Neighbors whispered “she’s turned savaged “



She is in a bad situation and can’t get any information 

Her mind raced between pre-contemplation and actual action


She began planning to leave 

Moving her belongings 

When she met a mysterious he


A tall exotic man who was named Ethan

Deep Dark and devilishly handsome 


Not only that but also he was chivalrous 

But she still felt a small amount of ambivalence 

All He saw was her innocence 


He appeals to her righteous anger

He smells of frankincense and myrrh

Brings healing and protection to her 

Restores the scars like an old picture

With white gloves he touches her


NYC you can be my witness 

In this city that is evil and lawless

Their love was pure and flawless 



Ps. all I said was true and timeless..

Signed and sealed with a kiss


  • depressionofbecca

    I love this!!

    • Miss Pain

      thank you

    • Paul Bell

      I would like to think there were fairy tales in, NYC.

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