Isn’t it sad

The alarm clock rings its last warning.

As golden rays await her

Another day in passing.

Alas, the poor girl, never saw it coming.


A final drop from the coffee machine

Terminating any remnants of sleep

Four slices of an apple

And she’s already on her feet


Now the burning ball of embers

Has finally risen to its tallest.

Whilst the sodden fifteen year old girl

Has barely bitten into her chocolate.


The bench, her only companion

A book, her only distraction

The thump of a strangers footsteps

She says is her relaxation.


The light is now long gone,

The shadows have reappeared.

Her cheeks now sunken in

After all of these years.


The mirror tells a different story

As she looks upon it in fear.

Eyes that were once vibrant with life

Now hollow and riddled with tears.


The stars’ have disappeared

But the darkness keeps her hidden.

A girl with no friends,

Isn’t it sad to be this woman?


If only they had known

The power of their words,

The consequences of their actions,

Would she still be here?

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