Your eyes fill me w/ joy,
Whatever can I employ,
To win a heart so sweet;
And sweep you off your feet.
Diamonds and jade,
The finest art made,
Nothing compares to your grace,
Memories can't be misplaced.
When you come to mind,
It's relief I find.
I want to dance and sing,
And take wing.
Feel the winds blow,
Fly fast, never slow.
Your fire,
My desire.
I want to go on,
With you, I'd never yawn.
Your laugh, a heady sound,
You near? Hallowed ground.
A sky so bright and blue,
Can't compare to such as you.

I dance along to silent hues
By lyres in the algid tongue,
Forever again to be withheld;
Not once more to be the young,
And better still to live a lie
Than to see this rhythm a smile geld
Even a fragment of conquered light.

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