Train train what the hell train

Bill Smith Parker Sr.

Life is platinum and oak passenger train in the east Texas hills  driven by a stranger that has no ears or eyes just the smell of the life he started and will navigate until he’s just a memory of some child’s dream in some other space on some other plane wherever she will forever repeat again and again 

Always going to fast and it’s hard to see what’s coming up the other end. 
All kinds of hobos catching a ride with a preacher and top hat man. 
They all have different past but end up the same anyhow . 
Tuning that engine is good ole boy just happy to have a job like this 
The conductor punches those tickets nothing is for free on a train like this 
Young men from some funny named Alabama town shovel coal because we gotta have something to burn to get new rides like this 
Simoking cigars and sipping scotch on the sleeper car these boys make a living off others in the front train car. 
Sailors headed to the coast while Amish watch trying to understand 
The Mayer of a small Kansas town tried to understand this Irish lobsterman . 
A passenger train we travel together just trying to make it in good time with plenty of loved ones we hope will be there to see us at the train tracks end. Dust into stars then planets arise into shark fly into pelican huddle like sheep sheep into the same very man. 


  • Author: The man who talks (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 17th, 2021 04:12
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