Alyssa Norgaard


I wish to be happy

I want to one day look in the mirror

And know that I want to live another day


I wish for peace

To accept, to move on

To be free


Depression is addicting

As I chug a bottle of vodka

Demanding the world to feel my sorrow

For them to carry the weight that I do


I want to be freed

From my mind

From the body that I hate

From the scars on my skin

From the scars on my heart

A clean slate


As I lay here chugging a bottle of vodka

As if that would grant my wish


I am a victim

A victim from the moment I was born

I am no hero

I don’t have a cape

I am a victim of myself


As I lay here chugging a bottle of vodka

Swallowing my wishes


Depression is addicting


I want to be happy

I do

But I don’t want to work for it

For once it my life, hand me a platter

Where I will have no more excuses


So that I can live

And never have to write a sad poem again


So I can look in the mirror 

And see the girl who always wanted to be happy



  • Goldfinch60

    May that happy girl be with you soon when you look in the mirror Alyssa.

    Welcome to MPS

  • dusk arising

    I'm sure you do want to be a happy person but you have to let time do it's healing thing, which it will.

  • Teddy.15

    Your poem is extremely relateble along with your title, a roller coaster of pain and hurt, then to read your mother took her life with a drug overdose just leaves me feeling such pain for you and anyone who goes through that. It's understandable that getting drunk can numb such pain, but one day you will realize that life will turn around and you will be able hopefully to stop drinking if that is real or metaphor for the poem never the less, I so appreciate this poem. Take care and may the future be brighter ❤️

  • Teddy.15

    And Alyssa, a very warm welcome to MPS 💖

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