Buzzing buzzing swarming all around me

Buzzing coming closer now I think its a mosquito, so I swat at it

It's coming, closer and closer than ever before

I am afraid

I realize its a bee

I turn around 

I start to run

I am so scarred 

I am deadly allergic to them

To their sting

More surround me

I am calmed and comforted by the noise 

Soon I am lulled by their beauty 

The come to me 

Land on me

I am inspired by their beauty 

I love them

I am not afraid of them anymore

I know they wont hurt me unless I hurt them.

So, I am safe



  • Paul Bell

    Remember putting my sock on and there was a bee inside it. You should have seen me dancing when it stung me.

  • fallenAngel1🕊

    I was out riding my bike one time and had a head on collision with a bee,lol. It bounced off my lip,within seconds I noticed my lip beginning to swell up. In that split it second it took to bounce off my lip,it managed to sting me. I couldn't believe how fast they're able to sting.🤗✌️🐝

    • depressionofbecca

      I know its crazy because at one point I got stung several times and I just fell after running in a cross country meet. I just stepped on a nest.

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