L. B. Mek

Layers, in our Brokenness


Mirage smiling, trickles of whimsy dissipating

words flicker, in and out

of a thinly grasped reality

mind, struggles to contain its quicksand state

there’s a wake theme, in our atmosphere 

thick, like winter’s daybreak fog

winds hover, stilled

Time, simply relinquishes its need for restitution


‘…and yesterday, I managed

to finally, book those tickets!’


There’s a film projector in my eyes

its playing memory’s scenes

on her face: Director-less.

Eventually, managing

to somehow arc my lips

which she immediately mistakes

as indifferent, teasing


‘… oh don’t laugh at me

you know how Desperate, I was.’


Forcing myself awake, alert

I, reach-out and clasp

her nervousness: in skin warmth

‘I’m sorry, I got lost in my thought’s, again'

I tamely offer, as makeweight apology.


Looking, searching her eyes

as she gazes back, knowingly

her thin smile, relaxes

coathanger shoulders, give-in

to that gust of a mounting sigh,

‘It’s ok' she whispers, squeezing my fingers

'I just felt you drifting

so I was just rambling.’


We allow quietude, to invade

in our collective threshold

for fabricated, intimacy

wrap ourselves, in this moment

of stagnant emptiness


neither risking, this recaptured glimpse

at our forgotten togetherness-

a momentary note of gentleness, 


‘… and here, are your starters

was it Tuna for you Miss?’

A stranger's voice, startling

us back to normality's, routine.


Fingers, untwine 

survivalist face masks, morphed back-on

we resume our sway, surfing

our circumstances

with necessity’s living requirements, 


‘did you manage to get good seats?’

I ask, amiably

so, we can resume

our tightrope routine,


and just, like that

this moment, becomes our latest

cliff edge, we manage

to escape…



© L. B. Mek

October 2021


  • dusk arising

    Relationships.... i saw the cliff edge once too often and took a leap of faith into happiness.

    Nice writing, I particularly liked the scene changes.

    • L. B. Mek

      attempting to capture those moments
      where a couple - fight, their - imminent inevitable
      trying to forge a bridge - back
      to whatever brought them together, once...
      (glad you could relate
      thanks for the supportive comment Dusk)

    • spilleronsheet

      What a beautiful moment you made
      A beautiful recount of two
      When images pass over the togetherness of two
      A beautiful imagery woven dear poet
      It was like a travelling a reel
      Watching a beautiful scene

      • L. B. Mek

        what a perfect interpretation
        indeed, I was trying to capture
        a specific scene
        thank you!
        for your encouraging comments my friend

      • Garth Rakumakoe

        How you capture the "catch & release" that comes with the emotional tugs of two adjoined, is just simply marvelous! - It is a very real love story, no fantasy. Good work, writer. I love it!

        • L. B. Mek

          yeah, thanks for pointing out
          the 'realness' quality I was trying to highlight;
          too many times, when we write about love
          we inevitably embellish
          and lose the core simplicity of the moment's
          we are trying to replicate and depict..
          I like your 'catch & release' wording
          of the fleeting emotions we go through
          in such intense moments,
          what an insightful and supportive comment,
          thank you dear poet

        • Neville

          To be both fair and honest, this has got so much going for it L.B .. more layers than an onion ... and I never shed a single tear throughout .. Thank you for those glimpses sir ... N

          • L. B. Mek

            'both fair and honest
            more layers than an onion
            never shedding, a single tear
            (ahhh Hyung
            even your throwaway comments
            put my toiled-over poetry, to shame
            but instead of being jealous
            I'm just left in awe
            thank you

          • Vamsi Sudha

            Dear Poet !!
            this was the best para i loved.......

            There’s a film projector in my eyes...

            Very subtly expressed ! great way of penning !!

            • L. B. Mek

              I really gravitated to that line as well
              it made me want to finish writing the whole scene
              it was like, I had written
              an abbreviation for the whole poem
              in that one line
              and I just needed to unfurl it, to insure
              it was accessible to anyone..
              thank you!
              for relating and supporting, dear poet
              a gift I shall cherish

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