The feelings I have for Jesus run deep and pure, and will forever endure;
The feelings I have are hard to describe, without them I don’t know if I can survive;
If I didn’t know Christ my life would be a mess;
I know now that God’s way is the best.

He tests me today
Yet I know he protects me everyday
He makes the rain
Yet provides me shade
All night, I keep myself awake
To have a glance of him, instead

The Lord gave me these feelings so that I may endure;
With them I have a second chance at a future with Him so near;
The feelings I have with Jesus Christ knowing that I will see Him face to face;
With Him beside me as I go through life’s race.

I joke, of course, as that would be absurd.
The is more evidence for the Loch Ness Monster, that there is of God.
The very concept is flawed and contradictory.
Religion is just an antiquated comfort blanket for the mentally weak.

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