Paul Bell

The Past.

Where she hides, the mist pass by.
Only time, the days, ask why.
Wonder why she lives in vain.
Something in the past remains.

She tosses and turns but her past still burns.
This bed mumbles the silent whispers in her head.
Something in her past remains the day she was in the rain.

She dawdles and fondles
With her curls behind
Those curls stop with time
Leaving the teary past behind
The encounter in rain
With someone in train
Why did he leave her behind ?
The question runs in her mind

The past is like a confused saddened wind
Saddened flowers crying in the rain
Grass saying no , I’d like the sun today
Her past like a difficult journey up a hill with thunder and rain
Confusing to her very mind , why did it have to be this way

Its all the same. Blame blame blame.
The past seems to be a heavy weight.
Never getting a break. The emptiness.
The lonliness that lingers in the mind of the one who was left behind. This to shall pass.
The one who left will one day try their best to come back. Its not going to feel to cool, when thitime, I don't want you.

Writhes her heart and her soul,
For the sorrowful past is taking its toll.
Already weak and sensitive she is,
Still the solitary journey gives her a lonely kiss.
Sitting alone she sobs sorrowfully in this gloomy night, but to her surprise a voice echoes asking if she is alright.
The sobs burst into tears when she realized someone was still there.


  • Paul Bell

    Well done, guys, fantastic contribution.

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