Story of the weather

Bill Smith Parker Sr.

She always knew I wouldn’t ride a stallion in the pouring rain 

We had dreamed of mule men puking  by the thousands at a English tea 
We where none of them 
She always knew I wouldn’t ride a stallion in the pouring rain 
She herself had seen me as a golden soldier winning battles in the captain’s quarters 
It was a English captain vs no soldier but just me.
Rapier where out and candles flickered on a clipper ship 
Those outer banks had the hull busted and we both most surely would sink like a ox just off where they where planning to have a cornerstone of lighthouse put down 
She always knew I wouldn’t ride a stallion in the rain 
The sister ship fired a canon into the air 
Lights the room through the stain glass blue and green smoke filled cavern of a wooden grave we both accepted as equal ground 
Wood carvings in the mantle piece caught his eye  old Greek gods with a chipped cheek 
My rapier raised him up just a bit as blood choked a hero and decided the victory. 
I can’t forget the hero that died as I watched mermaids stare into me. 
His body was found at noon they say 
Mermaids took me to a pirate ship where I spent my days that where left for me. 
I never seen my woman again 
The rumor is I have daughter who took the hand of captain that had been found. 
Some say he crawled to shore near the rocks just up the sound. A wild horse lowered it’s head as the pouring rain began to fall around. 


  • Author: The man who talks (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 21st, 2021 03:57
  • Category: Fable
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