Faceless monsters are calling me names

Faceless monsters are calling me names:

Their words are like blades - 

They wound my soft skin's surface deeply, 

Or like a hand hacks its way through my chest, 

Grabs my heart and pulls it out

Breaks it and puts it back. 

I could scream and shout, 

But not a letter leaves my throat - 

I'll leave myself a mental note, 

Quote: I'm better without them!

But why can't I leave them behind?

Why are they on my mind?

It's something personal, 

Like codependency.


  • L. B. Mek

    'Why are they on my mind?'
    be weary:
    its murky, deciphering
    between our 'learnt' bad habits
    and our 'own' nature's, bad habits...
    see, we are perfectly fine
    walking alone, in life
    its only when someone
    stands by our side, matches
    us step for step, and then
    exits - abruptly, inevitably
    we realise, there's a sense of emptiness
    by our side...
    (good read, thanks for sharing)

    • anna_noday

      Thanks for reading it:)

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