Paul Bell

The Reunion

Gently cries the child
Into the night
Listening for that soothing voice
Just a loves throw away
But mum’s not listening
Mum’s overdosed
Sinking deeper into a toxic haze
Eventually dying with the needle pointing heaven bound
Gently cries the child
Into the night
Listening for that soothing voice
Just a loves throw away
Mummy’s calling to you
Not be long now precious
Not be long.


  • L. B. Mek

    while 'We', fortunate majority
    run around, lamenting our fate's-
    such horrific details, make-up
    the everyday reality
    for the Truly, ill-fated: abundant minority...
    (a Great write, thank you
    for giving voice, to the desperate
    and awarding us
    a little, respite
    from our endless existence
    of wilful ignorance;
    assumed indifference, as a necessity
    to surviving, the horrors of our reality)

    • Paul Bell

      Yes, we are the lucky ones, right enough.

    • Teddy.15

      Wow, such vivid imagery, reminds me of the London scene when I was young, I trained to be a nursery school teacher in a high risk nursery in Maida Vale London , some of the mum's had these type lives, very very sad and very powerful dear Paul.

      • Paul Bell

        You must have seen some sights in your day.
        It is sad that some kids just don't have a chance in life.

        • Teddy.15

          It's amazing how much the local authorities would do to keep these families together. It was very hard training I can say that much. But worth every minute 🤗

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        • Nicholas Browning

          This resonates quite a bit for me. Isn't childhood just the best?
          I enjoyed the read Paul, thanks for posting. Best regards.

        • Robert Haigh

          Chilling! Achingly sad, and true for some poor souls somewhere.

          • Paul Bell

            Yes, it happens.

          • spilleronsheet

            Well we sure are born privileged
            Such stories surround
            Surround as nightmare
            The society holds such tragedies draped in black
            Thanks dear Poet
            For showing the mirror
            We, in our cosy lives forget the dark sides

            • Paul Bell

              Life at the dreg ends with only one ending.

              • spilleronsheet

                Sure it does

              • Garth Rakumakoe

                It's visual art in words. Motion picture even. Brilliant, Paul. Absolutely brilliant sir!

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