<span;>Young hearts break,  but young hearts mend
<span;>When the dream comes to an end
<span;>You feel the world had ended too
<span;>No hope or happiness for you

<span;>Into despair your spirit sinks
<span;>You really think the final Swan song had been sung
<span;>But strange things happen when you're young

<span;>An unexpected circumstance leads on to some new dream
<span;>You turn a corner,  and it's there
<span;>That old sweet magic in the air

<span;>Youth cannot live too long in pain
<span;>It hears life's music once again
<span;>The future once so bleak and black
<span;>Is spanned with rainbows
<span;>Love comes back.


  • dusk arising

    Well written. Ain't that just the way it is.

    • lynnec008

      I wrote that when I was 13. 68 now

      • dusk arising

        Wisdom came early to you. You must be a sage by now.

      • spilleronsheet

        A good one dear poet

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