Words falling onto paper , raindrops falling from clouds

Creativity , imagination, a collection of clouds thinking 

internal raindrops dancing and wandering 

these are the words I’m wanting to write and  share with the world by my side 


me , sitting as a cloud with raindrops dancing within 

a river flowing easily by the side of green grass 

natural and with ease , the words settle into this piece of paper 

like raindrops falling naturally from a cloud without a stressful effort 


words easily fall from mind to pen , pen to paper 

cloud to breeze to grass 

they fall without a worry or a weight upon their shoulders 

without a saddened sigh , happy as they fall 


the way it’s meant to be , a river running feee 

the sun shining like a star 

snowdrops drifting in the breeze 

words running free from mind to pen , pen to paper 

water drifting happily in a stream 

the way it’s simply meant to be 


creativity and imagination call to me 

Clouds stand with dancing raindrops waiting to fall 

in the flow , a stream running brightly clear 

writing and internal raindrops , and me 

writing it all onto this accepting piece of paper 



  • dusk arising

    I'm pleased you wrote of how easily your words flow now. I hope being a part of MPS is giving you ever more freedom to express what's inside you. It's certainly been a big release for me being a part of this.

    You are very artistic and creative, things really appreciated here among your friends.

  • Teddy.15

    Your imagery is outstanding the lengths you go to for your emotional tapestry is a true pleasure to see. 🤗🤗

  • Robert Haigh

    Sometimes creative writing comes more easliy than others. When it flows freely it can be an uplifting thing for the writer. This is a pleasant, uplifting poem, rose. Nicely done indeed!

  • spilleronsheet

    Congratulations dear Rose
    The words really flowed gently
    And another one so well composed
    Linking the raindrops with the magic of yours
    I am happy to read the pen that created the wonderful scene
    Falling from heaven to white sheet
    The mind is where creativity lives
    The sheet where it plays
    The reader with whom it stays

  • fallenAngel1🕊

    Wow,rose! You write with such elegance,and "words falling so easily,and running free from mind to pen,pen to paper." Hows life on easy street?Eh-hem,..I mean,No Writers Block Street?lol😸👏🐣

  • Garth Rakumakoe

    So much self-kindness in this piece, if such an expression exists. I find is pleasantly satisfying, the metaphors are well articulated. Thank you, yellowrose.

    • yellowrose

      Thankyou Garth 🙂 I appreciate your thoughts on this .

      Yes , self kindness … it’s important to have self love and to feel in a nice place in our mind ,

      It felt nice to write about the flow I sometimes find myself in when writing , and it’s really nice when the words flow so easily .. it feels free… and a help to how I feel

      Glad you liked this

      Hope you have a good day )

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