Rachel Laurene

The Well Educated Empath

Lately I've been searching
I'm looking deep within
Lately I've been working
My self growth to begin

I'm tired of the same old
The players and the games
I'm tired of the damned cold
Know this requires change

I really hate the drama
I'm better off alone
Don't need another comma
From this phase I have grown

I don't do one night stands or flings
Can't do over codependency
I don't do devil's jaded wings
I value independence see

I could blame everyone else
But that's not the healthy way
Count the cathartic self stealth
To bring forth a brand new day

Past issues of low self esteem
Abandonment and over giving
And constantly people pleasing
And constantly over-indulging

New issues of not trusting
Previously put past before
I'm constantly adjusting
I stay true to my inner core 

And the work that I am doing
Is by no means a light load
I find poetry most soothing
To release the ghosts of old

And I may be a good person
The well educated empath
And I always end up cursing
The devil's narcissistic wrath

In past I tried to fix the wounded
But the thing I've come to learn
It's my job to keep myself grounded
Even if bridges I must burn

Of course I will always be there
For those who are in need
Still I put self love and self care
First, this is a necessity

And yes sometimes I'm lonely
But I'm okay being alone
Won't settle for anybody
Manifestations set in stone

For see I value honesty
And kindness above the rest
I have great integrity
Thus I do not usher tests

And in my introspection
What I've learned to value the most
Is seeing past deception
My own self worth, self love and growth


  • yellowrose

    A good writing ) I’m an empath and have talked to someone ‘ narcissistic ‘ before . Sometimes o can tell when someone is not telling the truth , lying or hiding something ,

    Any reason for the ‘ d’ word in this poem ?

    • Rachel Laurene

      Is being left in the cold not in itself a form of damnation?

      • yellowrose

        Are you referring to your tf ? I was just wandering why you used such a dark’ word , and you used the word narcissistic .

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      • Doggerel Dave

        There's no arguing with that - sort yourself out first, look after you, then perhaps the strength to give some surplus to another may be available to you.
        A smooth easy to read rhymer there.

        • Rachel Laurene

          I do what I can, though tomorrow's poem will be a bit unlike the rest.

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