<span;>Love is for fools, run and hide
<span;>Keep your heart deep inside
<span;>Its safe and sound so guard it well
<span;>Its surrounded by a fragile shell.

<span;>When you say you love someone
<span;>and tell someone you care
<span;>The hurt and pain that’s sure to come
<span;>Is darkly hiding there

<span;>Its better to have loved and lost
<span;>Than never loved at all
<span;>Is fantasy of THE worst kind
<span;>Who will catch you when you fall.

<span;>The one you love will go away
<span;>Of that you can be sure
<span;>You can pray and cry to no avail
<span;>Theres the slamming of the door.

<span;>You think it will not come to you
<span;>But it always comes around
<span;>So build a wall to hide your heart
<span;>And keep it safe and sound


  • Nicholas Browning

    One of the most relatable things I've read on this site in a while. Bitter truth from a cruel but realistic perspective. Well done.

    • lynnec008

      Thank you.

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