Robin , cloud speaking to me

Robin in our garden

a warmth rests , never leaving you and your cushioned side 

the cloud aspect of you speaks in warming  tones , 

a fire smiles in friendly orange flames 

so confidently with an apparent hello 

the cushiony cloud hides safely 

allowing the fire to speak with a happy hello 

peace standing quietly within , unseen under the apparent rosy red hue 

and yet seen in so many ways 

the softness of the vibrant rosy red 

reflecting the peace right there in the dove filled cloud 


here , the Robin again 

speaking to me of warmth and comfort 

and a friendly happy little cloud 


lovely little Robin brightening my day 

with her rosy red dress 


  • AuburnScribbler

    I really enjoyed reading this homely, yet powerful tribute to the Robin, wonderfully written yellowrose, bravo!

    • yellowrose

      Thankyou 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed this . I keep seeing the Robin recently again and I do wander … if it’s the same one that visits

    • orchidee

      A fine write Rose.

    • Paul Bell

      My little Robin turned up a month ago, and I wasn't sure if this was winter coming in early.

    • spilleronsheet

      Robin surely is a beauty bird and your poetry justified it’s majestic charm
      Well crafted Rose
      Enjoyed reading another beautiful perspective capturing the hidden nature around

    • dusk arising

      Such corageous little birds coming up closer to us than most wild birds will dare to. You can't help but like the plucky little lives.
      I think the voice of your friendly robin is telling you something about the beautiful world and where you justifyably belong in it just as much as the trees, grass, flowers and cotton wool clouds belong.

    • Goldfinch60

      May tat robin forever brighten your days yellowrose.


    • Neville

      I love this .. I love robins too .. they say if you see a robin, a lost loved one is near .. or something along those line ............................................. Neville

      • yellowrose

        I have heard of this … yes . And that could be right .

        Thankyou Neville 🙂

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