True Revenge

All the time you were with me,

I never knew you waited for me to fall.

I pushed all those who stood by my side away,

Was it to just get backstabbed by y’all?

I trusted you with all my might,

But now, we are stuck in a fight.

Even after you threw me to hell,

Why do I still pray for you to be well?

You talk dirty behind my back,

All I now want is to give you a smack.

Initially it was hard, really hard that I cry alone at night

I then decided , to pay back my debt.

It was hard alone, I then, realized my strength

My roar is louder than a mighty lion.

And then the right moment came,

When I took my sword, you yielded

I then, with blood, made you shielded.


  • spilleronsheet

    That’s powerful
    I know how sad it is to backstabbed
    But I am glad you could achieve your sweet revenge
    Let go the hatred that causes chaos inside
    Happy and sonnet healing and loads of happiness dear poet

    • Dharchika

      Yes, that too, when you trust he person complete..
      Thanks for reading an supporting me 😊

      • spilleronsheet

        Always there miss
        Keep writing more

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