Two Evil Fat Dykes

A little black girl is running from her two fat dyke parents and I'll tell you why;

The two fat dyke parents want to stab and murder the little black girl and that's no lie.


The two evil fat dykes are ugly and black;

The martial arts Muslim sees what's happening while hiking, which is a fact.


The martial arts Muslim unzips his coat and takes out his nunchucks, which is true;

He throws his nunchucks towards the head of the evil mother's dyke partner, which is an amazing thing to do.


The stupid whore is hit and knocked out, which is an awesome sight;

The evil mother stops running when she sees that her dyke partner is knocked out and what I'm saying is right.


The martial arts Muslim takes out his wooden dart and throws it into the evil mother's shoulder, as you can see;

When the evil mother is hurt, she drops her knife, which is wonderful as can be.


When the martial arts Muslim runs towards the evil mother, he kicks and knocks out the bitchy fool;

The little girl thanks the martial arts Muslim for rescuing her, which is cool.


While comforting the little girl, the martial arts Muslim calls the police, which is okay;

The police arrive and arrest the two evil fat dykes and here's something else that I'll say.


The police will find someone who's fit and patient to raise the little girl, which is swell;

The martial arts Muslim grabs his nunchucks, puts them in his coat, and hikes away and that's all that I'll tell.




  • Paul Bell

    Ok, I'm seeing flack coming from the obesity circles, quickly followed by the lesbian's for freedom party. In saying that, I liked it.

    • hotidris

      Lol. I'm glad you liked it.

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