Much to do about nothing

When we think about nothing, what comes to mind?

Surely there's something about nothing we can define 

Perhaps its a bottomless segment of the human mind

So very rare oh my what a find 

You see from our very beginning the unseen sub conscious mind 

Has baffled even the most brilliant of our kind 

So im here to give a written illustration 

A simple but complex presentation 

With a logical and sensible explanation 

For some a life changing profound revelation

Throughout history the two parts of the mind have  worked hand and hand 

Throughout time mankind could never really understand 

So imagine two separate minds connected at a sub microscopic point 

There at a unseen smaller than nano level theres a joint 

Humans often wonder just why do I do what I do?

Self destructive behavior that hurts me and you

They truly have no logical explanation for there seemingly senseless and reckless behavior 

So this could grant those types a divine like favor from a good neighbor 

The incredible mind is our own built in super computer that downloads every sense in our whole time 

And stores it in the bottomless undiscovered mine 

Where the answer to any humans question can be found 

What a concept cutting edge no tech solid spiritual ground  

If one doesn't understand themselves 

They are not capable of understanding anyone else 

So you yourself are the hope for peace the world round 

How does a warless planet sound???

A world incapable of any type of lie 

In the vast undiscovered as of yet by science realm of the third eye 

Telepathy is but only one of the multitude of virtues 

Available to every me and you 

Theres a different realm of humanity approaching coming soon 

As the transition approaches panic and chaos will seem like doom

But there will be teachers who show the new way 

As the evil that has reigned will slither away 

A complete advance for all of humanity violence will be obsolete 

In peace and harmony humans have no reason to compete 

Famine will be a thing of the past 

At our primitive ancestors we will laugh 

So smart so intelligent they mindlessly kill and slaughter their own kind 

Complete and utter insanity even in their time 

The skys will no longer be filled with toxic smoke 

Greed will be another old really bad joke 

We share a common and vast love we care and all of us share 

No blank looks no cold stares 

The old unknown ways are back to forever rule 

Those who cannot let go of what man in his arrogance and absolute stupidity has taught are the fools


  • L. B. Mek

    really well written, an interesting read
    thanks for sharing
    'They truly
    have no logical explanation
    for *their* seemingly senseless
    and reckless behavior'

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