Unending, Forever

How blessed that I am

to be living this scene,

viewing Heaven on earth

shared with my Queen.

This moment is mine,

I will cherish each sound

and each site from the sky

and each life on the ground.

This center of beauty,

an awe-inspiring place,

His perfect creation

full of purity and grace.

Mountains so tall

guarding valley and sky;

fish in lakes jumping

while birds overhead fly.

The lake smooth as glass,

though a warm gentle breeze:

that’s open air freedom

rustling the trees.

It’s all so astounding,

beautifully unmatched;

a world made for us

and its wonder unlatched.

Despite the grandeur

of all I can see,

it cannot compare

to one little thing:

a beauty much smaller

in physical size

yet greater exquisiteness

to my feasting eyes.

Tiny, invisible

on a map of the earth,

she’s rarer than diamonds;

priceless her worth.

A heart so pure

and a love so bold

unending, forever

it glistens like gold.

I’ll clutch it tightly

secure it deep in my heart

so it will endure

should this world fall apart.

Because some day it may

at once come to pass

the skies will darken

and lightning will flash.

The rivers will boil,

these mountains will crumble,

birds silence their song

and earth beneath rumble.

And heaven will shift

from here to above

but I’ll still possess

her undying love.

So what is real beauty?

Is it this scene that surrounds?

Is it her figure or face—

perfection unbound?

Or is it the way

her love unrelents?

Untethered, ubarred

the way it was meant?

Given the choice

between the big or the small:

forever I’d choose her love

for it’s greater than all.


  • L. B. Mek

    a wonderful dedication
    made, even more poignant
    by the context you added
    thanks for sharing
    (you should share with her these words
    may help you find your 'good'
    in her goodbye, finding closure
    is a necessity, not a choice
    something we have to do
    not only for ourselves
    but for the next, kind soul
    who is willing
    to take a chance on us)

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