The Waters Edge

I sat down by the waters edge,
Felt the breeze against my legs,
Dipped my toe, dropped my head,
Deemed I’d rather be in bed.
How is it so, I just don’t know,
Where did my whole life go?

I question everything I think is mine,
Always looking for those other times,
Where joyful memories are not dead,
And why I keep on feeling dread.

Silence creeps up from behind,
Gently comes into my mind,    
To a loving I have longed to find.  
Here I treat myself so kind,    
No more hanging down my head,
No more wanting to be in bed.

I capture a glimpse of what it's like,
To love myself and not be so blind.  
For I have lived all this time,
Wanting you was my only crime.

Now, I go back to the water's edge,
Feel the breeze against my legs,
Dip my toe and raise my head.


  • Vamsi Sudha

    Nice sentimental one !! Thanks poet !!

    • Ameljor

      Thank you 😊

    • fallenAngel1🕊

      The beautiful feeling of feeling better is the feeling these words leave me with. Thanks for sharing 👏✌️💐

      • Ameljor

        Thank you 😊

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