change my cadence survin lifes waves while im wavin

distant stranger different mindstate different angles 

i lay dormant my life coded past oaths have been broken

no snowboarding for these slippery slopes 

but people dont notice they just slide with no direction 

constantly moving through life until their evanescence

im the first to always be second guessing i need a prayer and a blessin

success tryna go foward in the process get my heart torn

enjoy my flesh cause when i come back its gone b in ghost form

i feel the thunderstorms i can feel my rain pourin

you can see my soul mournin wakin up to reality like every morning

hopin something changes tryna be the rose that grew from pavement

what am i thinking rather just be appreciated for growing anyway

lately i been stuck in a daze i been somewhat afraid

that i wont live to see the foundation that i made

i aint the only one but in my head i guess i am a lonely one

need somebody to hold me some

shit gets wicked i can see myself in the distance

im tripping


  • L. B. Mek

    thank you
    mr lyricist, supreme
    waterfalls, ain't got sh't
    on u, smooth with it
    from 'change
    to tripping', my fingers
    be tapping
    to your, silent beat

    • th3rdeye

      I really appreciate u . I put my pain and soul in it. Thank u so much

    • Nicholas Browning

      This is a pretty good read. Has a nice contrast to most of the other stuff on here. Much enjoyed.

      • th3rdeye

        I truly appreciate u. A very different read for sure.

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