katie the naughty poet


Deviant lips electrify thoughts 

As words skip to images 

Watching tongues licking and sucking 

In hopes of swelling bombs in abdomens 


Teeth graze at ragged skin

Moisten gardens between the legs

Warmth spikes amongst nerves

The blow is iminent 


Hair pulls and scratched backs

Whispering profanity in ears

Striking shrapnels of desire

To pierce untouched flesh


Squeeze the bomb together 

Hold on for dear life

Fingers grip on the inside

Pulling as the pokes slide in


The bomb grows tighter

Dripping sweat falls silently 

Mouth waiting open wide

As saliva hits the throat 



Limbs flutter heavy with a moan 

Basking in heavenly satisfaction 

The sweet sensual afterglow 


  • Paul Bell

    Great ending, great in-between, and you always feel great for hours after.
    Is working from home killing office romance now, I wonder.

  • orchidee

    Swoon! lol. This is not helping to decrease global warming, with the 'temperature' of this poem! lol.

    • katie the naughty poet

      lol thanks you should check out some of my others lol

      • orchidee

        *Dashes off to read more of them!* heehee.

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