Poetic Rhyme


Incaged drowning in my own grave a tomb I'm alive there's no escape.

Enslavement held captive bondage inside a body I hate.


There's no running away my shadow finds me somehow someway.

Sometimes I can't remember my name because I don't recognize my face.


Reincarnated to live another day facing my mistakes unable to live them down.

Damned in my face the wrong decisions that I made how can I make this pain go away.


This tortured soul has made its home and there's no way to get away.

In the dark is where I find peace when I can finally sleep the pain away.

Medicated drugged valium numbs the pain and a stiff drink drowns the demons away.


Candy81 ©  Candra Creviston   




  • dusk arising

    All i can comment is "kepp writing poetry" because i was in a very similar place to you and somehow writing poetry wrote it out of my life. Truly.

    Writing poetry and posting it in a safe place like here is like a gradual self healing.... actually seeing the words you have written about your state of mind is cathartic.

    • L. B. Mek


      • Poetic Rhyme

        Yes this is why I write. I found healing through poetry after the death of my only sibling my big brother June 25 2015.

      • Paul Bell

        Pills and booze sure do the trick, well, at least for a time. We go on, we remember the good times, and that keeps us going.

        • Poetic Rhyme

          Yes exactly alcohol and drugs only bandaids the pain clouding your brain.

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