Am I a temple?

My body is a temple. That’s what my church camp told me

But the first time I gave my body away it felt like a prize

That guy wanted me but I didn’t want to give myself away

It felt as if he won me and was taking his prize home 

After that my body was a prize for every man who came across my drunk self

Even if I was lifeless they took me

Over and over they took sex as nothing

And now I am useless

Because no one wants  me

Even if it’s just my body


  • L. B. Mek

    this starkly worded, defiance
    to society's, most depraved ideology
    should be a necessary read
    to every child, on the cusp of adulthood;
    I have always found the notion
    of sex, warped into a doing-to - act
    as the most
    macabre betrayal of ourselves,
    as People..
    why is there this flawed assumption
    that the act of sex, necessitates
    one person, relinquishing
    and the other - taking?
    by what measure?
    because one has a higher libido
    than the other?
    that's just complete, bull sh't!
    two people, Choose
    to interact, in an act
    of their mutual attraction's
    physical expression,
    Both agree - willingly.
    But, the old farts
    want to vilify this freedom
    we have been granted, by Nature.
    Word it,
    so its something shameful
    of teaching our children
    to enjoy and respect this gift,
    we're convinced
    its something
    to hide
    a sinister act, that demeans
    our capacity
    for virtue and righteousness.
    (Dear poet,
    although I may be a complete stranger
    and these words, are arriving
    in your life, too late
    please, know
    You: are not at fault
    for how you've been Made, to feel'
    Own your Body
    Own your Sexuality
    Own your Independence
    Own: your Life!)
    thank you for sharing
    and I apologise, in advance
    if you find any offense
    with my rather overzealous reply
    in my own foolish way,
    I meant well, sincerely

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