Wanting to scream and cry out to the heavens 

Instead she embraces the trials that come

Smiling on the outside

Lonely on the inside

She walks tall and loves hard

Bringing the false intentions of those that surround her

Many are called few are chosen

The word burning a hole inside of her

As she embraces her calling and takes each day with stride

Never backing down from a challenge always ready for battle

Wielding a sword of justice gripping an impetrative shield

She protects her village at all costs

Knowing one day that village will surround her without hesitation 

Now time for battle she stands alone

The disconnect is clear

She is left to conquer armies on her own

Head held high chest puffed out

God is my shepherd I shall not want

Patiently waiting for her kingdom to be resurrected once again






  • th3rdeye

    You are becoming stronger with each line.

  • L. B. Mek

    love, that defiant tone!
    really well written, thanks for sharing

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