Is love real?

As a kid I was taught to love my family unconditionally

What I learned from that was pain

It meant love after being hit

Love after being lied to

Love after being scared

And you wonder why I can’t say I love you out loud

It’s because I don’t believe in love

As a kid I was taught to love unconditionally

What I learned from that is love doesn’t exist


  • Teddy.15

    This is incredibly sad but incredibly important too, my brother was treated so badly by my dad.that when he was 25 he killed himself, I have found that family does.not have to be blood relative, it has to be those who protect you except you as you are and who are in times of need, my friends.are so much more family than my dad is or ever was sad truth of life. This is so powerful and I can tell you that you will feel.and find that unconditional love because it's those who beat us and treat us like dirt who are the ones that never did find such love. Thank you.

  • L. B. Mek

    does it have a physical form, no
    can we feel it, enough
    to render it tangible, yes
    do we know, how to cherish it
    and insure, our own love
    is priced: at our worth
    before we choose to offer it, no
    can we learn - to
    (thanks for sharing,
    I think you imbue
    important insight's
    into your intriguing writes'

  • Doggerel Dave

    Just one one more example of the many uses and abuses of the term 'Love'.

    Take care of yourself.

  • Nicholas Browning

    From one human being to another, I feel this. A thought provoking read.

    Best regards.

  • dusk arising

    Don't keep telling yourself you cannot love. That is giving your life to negativity. Love will come to you and come out of you. You will probably feel it and cherish it more than most because of your background. Be patient, it's worth it.

  • Anna Colette

    It's a complicated thing to love. Some know what it's not before they know what it is. Best regards.

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